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Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional | Create simple solutions to complex problems

Igor Fesenko

Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional. Create simple solutions to complex problems.


Web Applications
Web Services and SOA
Security and Identity
Cloud Computing
Data Access, Integration, and Databases
Desktop Applications
Big Data
Mobile Client Applications

Professional Profile

I've a valuable experience leading software development projects. I'm passionate about designing and developing scalable, flexible, cloud ready software solutions, utilizing state of art security practices.

I'm proficient in C#, JavaScript & Azure and have managed and assessed multiple projects focusing on high performance and large data solutions, taking advantage of all the features and capabilities available on target platform.

My current focus is on the building and improvement of scalable and secure web applications, cloud-enabled applications and operations, and identity & access management.

In most cases, Twitter will get you a faster reply than LinkedIn.

I would be happy to discuss speaking, usually about C#,JavaScript & Azure.


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  • MCSD: Web Applications
  • MCSD: App Builder
  • MS: Programming in C# Specialist
  • MS: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist
  • MS: Delivering Continuous Value with Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management
  • MS: Administering Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
  • SEI: Software Architecture Principles and Practices
  • SEI: Software Architecture Design and Analysis